Detail Pte Ltd

Detail Pte Ltd

Web Design & Development, Art Direction

2017 – 2018

Detail is a design & advertising agency based in Singapore. I was tasked to redefine the digital presence of Detail, allowing the agency to be seen as a favourable partner to potential clients. The new website design plays on Detail’s strengths – with a strong emphasis on the stunning body of works that Detail has under its belt. This is done through the use of captivating hero images and visuals that flows seamlessly through the portfolio, without any compromise on its functionality.

First impressions count:

Detail’s website is decked out in bold and vibrant colours. As the user hovers across each of the navigation’s link, they are treated to a different hero image. The colours and design of this landing page effectively communicates the creative nature of the brand, allowing viewers to easily identify Detail as a design agency.

Inner Portfolio Pages

What’s on the inside matters too:

We made sure that the rest of the website is easy to use, with information made readily available and simple to navigate. As Detail boasts a stunning repertoire of works, each portfolio item/page is designed to be a showcase – a blend of seamless images and creative thought processes.

Available for all?

Yes! The website was designed and developed to be fully responsive and works well across all 3 platforms – Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

The website is currently live – you may view it in action here!


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