The WeBarre’s logo is a graphic representation of the WeBarre community and barre enthusiasts alike. The brand celebrates inclusivity and versatility, a nod to their #strongertogether tagline. Designed to raise the barre in activewear, the merchandise designs further accentuate the same brand values that WeBarre embraces, while hinting at elements of strength, grace and femininity.

Art Direction  ·  Merchandise Design 
2017 – 2018


WeBarre Activewear

WeBarre’s activewear was designed to be chic yet casual, and a great fashion statement to any workout routines. They’re intended to be the perfect cover-ups for sports bras, or worn on its own. Simply put, these versatile babies are able to take the lady from the barre to the bar, without letting her feel out of place at either venues!

All modelled images are for illustrative purposes only.

See it in action!

Worn everywhere and anywhere. Inside the barre studio and outside – Catch WeBarre’s merchandise in action!

All real-life examples and images are courtesy of WeBarre. All design works for WeBarre was created under my employment at Detail.


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