Perfect Aqua Rich

Senka’s newest “Perfect Aqua Rich” range employs the unique “Uroi Rich” formula (super hylaronic acid + white cocoon silk essence) to provide maximum amount of hydration for our skin. To reflect the rich hydration that this product offers, the key visual is designed with an aquatic theme in mind. The colours and typography used also reflects Senka’s minimalistic and clinical brand identity, paying homage to Senka’s Japanese heritage. 

Art Direction  ·  Advertising  ·  Conceptual Visual

Client – Senka
Role – Art Director

Senka’s Perfect Aqua Rich is known for its nourishing and hydrating benefits. To leverage on that value proposition, the key visuals showcases the masks being submerged in water, as if the product was birthed to life from the waters itself.



The product’s title is stylised in the same way as its predecessors – featuring both the product’s English and Japanese names. This way, it reflects the brand’s Japanese heritage.  Both typefaces were in serif – to maintain consistency in its branding and to give the brand a clinical and professional outlook that it is well-known for.


Silk Cocoon

The mask is formulated with Senka’s signature White Cocoon Silk Essence.

Besides being a concentrated moisturising essence, this key ingredient is also known to assist in skin brightening and tightening, allowing your skin to look refreshed. The graphical representation of the signature White Cocoon Silk Essence highlights the benefits of the product visually –  allowing consumers to see it as a natural, soft and weightless ingredient.


The Hanko Stamp – Uroi Rich Formula

The mask boasts the exceptional Uroi Rich formula – a blend of Senka’s signature silk cocoon essence and super hyaluronic acid. The proteins from the silk cocoon essence fills in the damaged skin cells to promote a firmer, youthful-looking skin. Simultaneously, the super hyaluronic acid deeply penetrates the human’s skin to provide maximum hydration. To highlight this winning formula, the Uroi Rich Formula is stylised into a golden Hanko stamp. Once again, this pays homage to the brand’s Japanese roots.


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