Joyful Beginnings is a health communication campaign aimed to raise awareness about Postnatal Depression (PND) among young parents in Singapore. The Post-Natal Wellness booklet is designed for post-partum mothers, providing extensive information and medical insights about PND. The booklet is designed to be casual and informative, while remaining easy to read.

Art Direction  ·  Publication Design

More about the booklet

The Postnatal Wellness booklet is targetted at expectant mothers and parents-to-be. The booklet was packed into goodie bags, and given out at baby fairs. The booklet contains many important information surrounding postnatal wellness, allowing the parents-to-be to be more well-informed about how to prevent or better manage this increasingly common condition.

This booklet is furnished with ample information on PND, providing many tips and tricks on the condition. The booklet is predominantly pastel in tonality, putting any readers at ease while reading it. You may read the full publication here:

All content and copy were supplied by Joyful Beginnings SG.


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