Shermin Sim

Photographer, Editor

2016 – Present

Photography and videography are just some of the few creative pursuits that I enjoy during my free time.

Wedding Photography

Picture-perfect moments isn’t what I am looking for. I sincerely believe that every couple is different – and that means they have different quirks and interactions that are unique to them. Instead, raw emotions are what I look for when I am photographing couples – these moments are timeless and transcends beyond the beauty and boundaries of staged and posed shots. What makes it even better is when I witness the couple lose their inhibitions in front of the camera, and to just genuinely enjoy the company of their partner –  isn’t that what photography is about? To capture the essence of every great moment we’ve lived in.

Below is a casual session with Cassandra and Justin:

chai-03 chai-03chai-04chai-04chai-04

Travel Photography

In my free time, I am always dreaming and researching about the next getaway. Being able to find picturesque locations of the world, to nestle amongst these retreats and to immortalise these moments with my camera in tow is truly one of the few things that I truly enjoy. I’m always out searching for the next Kodak moment – below is a series of photographs I’ve shot in Bali in collaboration with Rebecca of @beccabeczten on Instagram.

chai-03 chai-03chai-04chai-04chai-04chai-04


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